Mobile Saturday (MoS) in Kharkov

Last November Saturday Ainstainer arranged an event – Mobile Saturday (MoS), which brought together all indifferent people to mobile development. Their hearts start beating faster only at a thought about iOS or Android, their breathing becomes deeper and less often and their thoughts…

We kept our traditions and had the event in «drink up», «light talk» and «friendly atmosphere» format.

As we supposed, there were charismatic speakers, topical issues and emotional debates. But there was not only an official part, but also enjoyable breaks. As we promised, we had a surprise – a quiz – with cute and necessary gifts! Continue reading

GOTO Berlin: Successful Benefit Performance

One of the European capitals – Berlin has always gathered people from all over the world to see the sights, learn German culture, habits and traditions. This time there was another reason to come here – the conference GOTO Berlin. The event was for the first time to take place in Berlin and it was a starting point for its annual conducting.

This conference was held under the auspices of GoToCon, an international union of leading software development conferences, which had already taken place in Amsterdam, Chicago, Zurich, London and Aarhus. This conference was designed for software developers, IT architects, agilists, product owners and project managers. Continue reading

GOTOcon in Berlin, Germany 2013

GOTOcon in Berlin, Germany 2013

“For Developers by Developers”

Training: October 15-16 / Conference: October 17-18

Very soon the first GOTO Berlin Conference will take place October 17-18 at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center.

The GOTO Berlin program is created “by developers, for developers” where the emphasis is placed on presenting latest developments as they become relevant and interesting for the software development community. With a 360 degree perspective we present new technology and trends in a non vendor forum to give the attendees inspiration, energy and desire to learn. Plus, we always have awesome speakers! Continue reading

GOTOcon in Aarhus, Denmark 2013


Conference: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. / Training: Oct. 3 – 4, 2013

GOTO Aarhus has been an annual event in Denmark since 1997 and attracts more than 1300 participants. The idea for GOTO came about in the late 1990′s as the management at Trifork wanted to create a vendor independent forum that would give the development staff inspiration, energy and desire to learn coupled with the chance to network and simply to hang out with some of the “rock stars” of the IT community. Since that very moment GOTOcon takes place all over the world including Chicago, Zurich, Amsterdam and London. Continue reading

Get iPad 4 with Ainstainer SDT!

We have a new referral program and we would like to share this data with you, as you can become that very one happy possessor of iPad 4 Wi-Fi+4G 32GB White. But before bringing you up to date we would like to remind what Ainstainer is.

Ainstainer SDT is a software development company providing its customers with various IT services. Check our website for more detailed information: what we dowho we work with and who we are. Continue reading

Bike Parade 2013 at Kharkov

May, 19th there was already the 8th large-scale and all-Ukrainian event “Cycle Race 2013″ in Kharkov.

About 10,000 people took part in the event. “This was the most mass “cycling” for the last few years”, – says one of the event organizers. The atmosphere was cheerful and very positive. One could watch an amazing sight, as almost all the columns of cyclers had their own thematic clothing direction: national-, fabulous heroes-, “intelligentsia”- and “working class” costumes. Continue reading

Kharkov Ruby MeetUp #3

April 13, in the club “Pintagon” Ainstainer held an event «Kharkov Ruby Meetup». For both the company and the developers it was already the 3rd event of such kind that had a great success. The participants got a nice opportunity to have a talk, and we had one more chance to experience our skills in arranging of such type meetups.

We strive to unite Ruby developers in Kharkov and are committed to their being pleasant and cozy with Ainstainer. Continue reading

Intro to Our Inner Life

Business…business…business…It is essential part of our life and we can do nothing with it. We actively plunge into daily tasks, turmoil and self-improving that sometimes even forget to give a break to our body and mind. It is a pity, but anyway it happens as it is…That is why considering this fact we amicably came up to the point of urgent necessity to give our readers a splendid opportunity to combine work and rest in our blog.

From now on we will have a column in our blog named “Ainstainer Life” where our readers will be able to get into inner world of our company Ainstainer Software Development Teams and become virtual observers of our complete, curious and remarkable life. You will become a real witness of how rigorous Ainstainer staff turns into irrepressible peers and get their jollies. You will see that we can do not only business but also rest. Join us and rest a little with our folks!