Bike Parade 2013 at Kharkov

May, 19th there was already the 8th large-scale and all-Ukrainian event “Cycle Race 2013″ in Kharkov.

About 10,000 people took part in the event. “This was the most mass “cycling” for the last few years”, – says one of the event organizers. The atmosphere was cheerful and very positive. One could watch an amazing sight, as almost all the columns of cyclers had their own thematic clothing direction: national-, fabulous heroes-, “intelligentsia”- and “working class” costumes.

Our Ainstainer participants were fully and enthusiastically absorbed by this cool idea. Their choice fell on charming and modest nerds. It was a real spectacle and it was impossible to concentrate your attention on something concrete as your eyes simply blazed of that number of bicycles and cyclists!

The main objective of the event was to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, environmental alternative to urban transportation. The participants of this event crusaded for safety and respect on the roads, for the creation of bicycle paths and bicycle parking in public places. Also, that is far from least, the organizers gave an opportunity to all the amateur and professional riders to feel like full participants in road traffic.

Bike Parade 2013 at Kharkov   Bike Parade 2013 at Kharkov

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