Aviram Eisenberg About “Hidden Costs”

Our third expert Aviram Eisenberg, the founder of global outsourcing software development company is sharing his knowledge about hidden costs in remote development.

About the author:

eisenbergEntrepreneur and acclaimed speaker, Aviram Eisenberg is the Founder and CEO of Ignite – a global software development company that specializes in Agile R&D.
Under his leadership, Ignite is recognized as an Agile leader in Israel and Europe, introducing innovative methodologies and enhancing the R&D excellence of industry leaders such as Nokia/Siemens Networks, Microsoft, VMWare and AT&T.
Acting as Ambassador of Agile, Aviram is an avid promoter of this school of thought.
He speaks about Agile and its’ impact on the dynamic, complex world of R&D and is frequently spreading the word in professional conferences and meetups worldwide. Check also Aviram’s blog here. Continue reading

Kate Terlecka about “Hidden Costs”

A qualified Scrum professional Kate Terlecka joins our discussion on “Hidden Costs” and tells us about her experience in this challenge.

About the expert:

Kate Terlecka about “Hidden Costs” Kate Terlecka is a coach and one of the Scrum.org’s Professional Scrum Trainers. Kate works with software teams and their management around the world, helping them improve. The expert researches human behavior and team dynamics with focus on gender and cultural differences. She also teaches classes on scrum, management practices and coach individuals.
Company website: Brasswillow.pl
Blog: Controlyourchaos.wordpress.com

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Maarten Pors about “Hidden Costs”

We keep on developing a subject of various challenges while working with outsourcing software providers and our next exciting point is “Hidden Costs”. Maarten Pors is the first expert sharing his experience with our readers.

About the author:

Maarten Pors about “Hidden Costs” Maarten Pors is independent Project manager with vast experience in managing remote development teams in Eastern Europe (nearshoring).
You can directly contact him via:
twitter: @MaartenPors
mail: maartenpors@yahoo.co.uk
phone: +31653786990

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Hidden Costs: Non-clear Financial Conditions

Hidden costs – a problem we are dealing with. Before the beginning of the development process the vendor establishes his price, but very often during the work the real price can be higher previously set.

Best price is one of the most important benefits of outsourcing software. Sometimes this merit can be lost, because we face the hidden-costs-situation, and working with more expensive local developers turns out to be more profitable than with a remote team. Continue reading