GOTO Berlin: Successful Benefit Performance

One of the European capitals – Berlin has always gathered people from all over the world to see the sights, learn German culture, habits and traditions. This time there was another reason to come here – the conference GOTO Berlin. The event was for the first time to take place in Berlin and it was a starting point for its annual conducting.

This conference was held under the auspices of GoToCon, an international union of leading software development conferences, which had already taken place in Amsterdam, Chicago, Zurich, London and Aarhus. This conference was designed for software developers, IT architects, agilists, product owners and project managers.

About a month ago GOTO Berlin took place at the Estrel Hotel and Convention Center, and the results of this event will be yet another incentive for the organizers to open up new horizons. GOTO Berlin attracted over 400 delegates and more than 40 of the best speakers from every corner of the world. The program was created “for developers, by developers”, where the emphasis was placed on presenting latest developments as they became relevant and interesting for the software development community.

And our several guys from Ainstainer: Artem Vertiy, Stanislav Semenov, Andrey Sobol and Chingiz Musayev were lucky to go there and got that useful experience. They stayed there for 4 days and spent time there was rather productive, as they had time not only to take as much as possible from the conference, but also see around the city.

“The organization of the event was at top level, everything was planned absolutely perfectly,” – Stas says. “I really picked up lots of new things for myself and opened my mind”. “Yes, agree, the organizers made a huge job,” – Artem adds. “I can say, the schedule included so many different speakers and topics, that we really were dazzled, as we were eager to find out other professionals’ points of view, and they were a lot.”

Chingiz and Andrey are also under great impression, especially they marked out several speakers, such as Steve Vinoski, Rachel Davies, Dave Thomas and Michele Ide-Smith. “These speakers were absolutely amazing, they really drew our attention,” – our developers impart. “If we have a chance, we will join this conference next year.” “And also Berlin itself left warm memories, nice city with cool and well brought up people ready to help, that’s simply great.”

As far as we can see, the benefit performance of GOTO Berlin succeeded. We wish GoToCon further successful achievements, more attendees and interesting topics!

GOTO Berlin: Successful Benefit Performance GOTO Berlin: Successful Benefit Performance

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