Intro to Our Inner Life

Business…business…business…It is essential part of our life and we can do nothing with it. We actively plunge into daily tasks, turmoil and self-improving that sometimes even forget to give a break to our body and mind. It is a pity, but anyway it happens as it is…That is why considering this fact we amicably came up to the point of urgent necessity to give our readers a splendid opportunity to combine work and rest in our blog.

From now on we will have a column in our blog named “Ainstainer Life” where our readers will be able to get into inner world of our company Ainstainer Software Development Teams and become virtual observers of our complete, curious and remarkable life. You will become a real witness of how rigorous Ainstainer staff turns into irrepressible peers and get their jollies. You will see that we can do not only business but also rest. Join us and rest a little with our folks!

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