Kharkov Ruby MeetUp #3

April 13, in the club “Pintagon” Ainstainer held an event «Kharkov Ruby Meetup». For both the company and the developers it was already the 3rd event of such kind that had a great success. The participants got a nice opportunity to have a talk, and we had one more chance to experience our skills in arranging of such type meetups.

We strive to unite Ruby developers in Kharkov and are committed to their being pleasant and cozy with Ainstainer.As we ought to expect, there were a lot of people: it was nice to see familiar faces and newcomers. The audience attended the event differed in temperament, gender, age and professional level, from junior to senior – we are always happy to see everyone.

There were 3 speakers at the Meetup with the following topics:
Anastasia Lebedeva – “Rails Search Engines”
Peter Korjakin – “How to Deal with SOAP / XML API»
Alexey Bobyrev – «Do Not Write Comments»

A bit additional information about the speakers, Anastasia has been with Sphere Consulting and experienced Ruby for 18 months. Peter and Alex are more experienced Ruby – guys and work in our company.

After the reports we had heated discussions in a Q&A way and a number of tricky issues. Our guests were pleased and pleasantly surprised by specific atmosphere in the conference-room.

Here’s the video how it was:

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