Maarten Pors about “Poor Quality of Software”

We bring to your attention another opinion about avoiding poor quality of software. Maarten Pors is the third expert who agreed to share his experience on this challenge.

About the author:

Maarten Pors about “Poor Quality of Software” Maarten Pors is independent Project manager with vast experience in managing remote development teams in Eastern Europe (nearshoring).
You can directly contact him via:
twitter: @MaartenPors
phone: +31653786990

1) Why customers get poor-quality software while working with remote software development teams?

Maarten Pors: Besides the usual issues like, bad project management, lack of common understanding of goals, it is about communication and trust. How many times in the past it happened that you have instant good communication with a new colleague? Now imagine a new team of, say ten people, plus a manager, from a different cultural background… It takes quite sometime to get used to each other. Usually this is time that you can’t afford to “waist” you want to get the job done, you want it done well and within a limited amount of time. Now there is your first gap. Building a relationship with your supplier just takes time you can’t speed that up by going for ten lagers an a curry. If you want to deal with your remote development team yourself you need to invest!

2) According to your experience, if you could distinguish three key reasons of poor software quality, what would they be?

Maarten Pors: Communication, Communication and communication. It is as simple as that! Now lets assume that you have an application and you want something simple done. Say you want the OK button to be green. There is loads of different shades of green. Of course you need good project management, you need a scope, you need requirements, you need agile process to make it work. But in the end if you do not have good communication and mutual trust it will not work!

I have to agree with mister Felix Rüssel: “A lot of “managers” I have met during my life as IT professional are not able to do make good and fast decisions. So a lot of waste is build up but nobody wants to talk about it.”
Good knowledge of IT and it related stuff doesn’t necessarily make you a good manager or a good communicator. So find someone that is good in communication and it doesn’t have to be the best software engineer in your company.

3) Could you give customers a practical piece of advice, what they should pay their attention to in order to avoid low software quality?

My advice would be. Take some time to explore the possibility of remote software teams, (near shoring) they are fast, they are good but… you need to invest time in the relationship with your remote engineers. If you don’t have the time or resources to invest but you still want to use remote engineers? Then look for someone with experience that can help you. This make communications easier. Reduces a bad project with in the end a bad product.

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