Michael Boyle about “Poor Quality of Software”

This post is the first in series where we will ask the experts about the challenges concerning poor quality of software. The first expert shedding the light on issues is
Michael Boyle!

About the expert:

Michael Boyle about Poor Quality of Software Michael Boyle is an internationally recognized expert in Project Management, Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, Portfolio Management and Business Process Modeling domains. 12 years of virtual teams mastery as a member and manager allowed him to establish his own company – Procurro Solutions.

It is dedicated in enabling their clients to transform their business through the deployment of the unique Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development and Testing personnel.

1) Why customers get poor-quality software while working with remote software development teams?

Michael Boyle: This list is endless, and it really has nothing to do with with a remote team. Very often, outsourcing in general shows how little businesses have documented, how error-prone their processes are, how few follow standards, the lack of a corporate maturity model, etc.

2) According to your experience, if you could distinguish three key reasons of poor software quality, what would they be?

Michael Boyle:

  1. Poor requirements: the business is not clear in what it wants
  2. Lack of a Business Analyst: one of the biggest development needs we have is tied to understanding what is needed and conveying this information to the developers
  3. Cultural differences: Especially when #1 and #2 come into play, very often it is difficult for development to go back to the business and say “it doesn’t make sense” or “it is not clear what you mean”.

3) Could you give customers a practical piece of advice, what they should pay their attention to in order to avoid low software quality?

Michael Boyle: Try to perform some sort of “proof of Concept” prior to development. You might be surprised to find out that your intended audience is looking for something completely different, or your ROI looks like Swiss cheese.

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