Mobile Saturday (MoS) in Kharkov

Last November Saturday Ainstainer arranged an event – Mobile Saturday (MoS), which brought together all indifferent people to mobile development. Their hearts start beating faster only at a thought about iOS or Android, their breathing becomes deeper and less often and their thoughts…

We kept our traditions and had the event in «drink up», «light talk» and «friendly atmosphere» format.

As we supposed, there were charismatic speakers, topical issues and emotional debates. But there was not only an official part, but also enjoyable breaks. As we promised, we had a surprise – a quiz – with cute and necessary gifts!

Great “thanks” to all the speakers for their reports:

  • Igor Tomich: “Developing your own product”
  • Alexey Demedetsky: “Introduction to reactive programming”
  • Alexander Veremeyenko: “Audio in iOS. Tips and tricks”
  • Konstantin Prokopov: “Beyond Google Play”
  • Alexey Rybakov: “Google Glass + DeviceHive”

We hope that the participation in the event was useful and informative both for the participants and for us – the event organizers. It was very pleasant to see familiar faces, and we cannot but note the new ones at MoS. It is very nice to realize that every time we have more and more willing people to take part in the event. Year after year we try to bring something new and interesting, and we are not going to rest on our laurels, we promise we will come up with catching things for you!

We are looking forward to your comment and suggestions. We are always open for everything new and interesting! See ya:)

Mobile Saturday (MoS) in Kharkov  Mobile Saturday (MoS) in Kharkov

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