Bike Parade 2013 at Kharkov

May, 19th there was already the 8th large-scale and all-Ukrainian event “Cycle Race 2013″ in Kharkov.

About 10,000 people took part in the event. “This was the most mass “cycling” for the last few years”, – says one of the event organizers. The atmosphere was cheerful and very positive. One could watch an amazing sight, as almost all the columns of cyclers had their own thematic clothing direction: national-, fabulous heroes-, “intelligentsia”- and “working class” costumes. Continue reading

Kharkov Ruby MeetUp #3

April 13, in the club “Pintagon” Ainstainer held an event «Kharkov Ruby Meetup». For both the company and the developers it was already the 3rd event of such kind that had a great success. The participants got a nice opportunity to have a talk, and we had one more chance to experience our skills in arranging of such type meetups.

We strive to unite Ruby developers in Kharkov and are committed to their being pleasant and cozy with Ainstainer. Continue reading

Intro to Our Inner Life

Business…business…business…It is essential part of our life and we can do nothing with it. We actively plunge into daily tasks, turmoil and self-improving that sometimes even forget to give a break to our body and mind. It is a pity, but anyway it happens as it is…That is why considering this fact we amicably came up to the point of urgent necessity to give our readers a splendid opportunity to combine work and rest in our blog.

From now on we will have a column in our blog named “Ainstainer Life” where our readers will be able to get into inner world of our company Ainstainer Software Development Teams and become virtual observers of our complete, curious and remarkable life. You will become a real witness of how rigorous Ainstainer staff turns into irrepressible peers and get their jollies. You will see that we can do not only business but also rest. Join us and rest a little with our folks!

Patrick Merg about “Poor Quality of Software”

Being and experienced Agile Coach, Project Manager and Product Manager Patrick Merg brings us into his world of understanding and seeing poor quality of software development product. Get acquainted!

About the author:

Patrick Merg about “Poor Quality of Software” Patrick Merg is a results-driven project champion adept at managing all aspects of complex projects from initial concept to final product release. He is passionate about building high performing cross-functional Agile teams that deliver sustainable value and speed time to market. Patrick has a strong background in Agile project management, program management, leading software engineering teams and innovative product development. Continue reading

Kate Terlecka about “Poor Quality of Software”

Kate Terlecka an experienced Scrum Master, Coach and Trainer from Poland describes her vision related to our urgent question “poor quality of software”.

About the author:

Kate Terlecka about “Poor Quality of Software” Kate Terlecka is one of the most experienced professionals, coach, trainer & an independent consultant in the field of Agile and Scrum in Poland, including her team management all over the world. She is one of the’s Professional Scrum Trainers and the Agile Special Forces – usually thrown at “the challenge of your life” teams & projects. She researches human behavior and team dynamics with focus on gender and cultural differences. Kate also teaches classes on scrum, management practices and coach individuals and also is a talented author of theblog named “Control Your Chaos” and owner of BrassWillow company. Feel free to get acquainted with achievements of this efficient master. Continue reading

Stacia Viscardi about “Poor Quality of Software”

This post will tell you about Stacia Viscardi’s, author of “The Professional ScrumMaster’s Handbook”, opinion regarding “poor quality of software”.

About the author:

Stacia Viscardi about “Poor Quality of Software” Stacia Viscardi is an Agile coach, Certified Scrum Trainer and organizational transformation expert, devoted to creating energized and excited teams that delight their customers and inspire others. In 2003 she became the 62nd Certified ScrumMaster (there are now over 200,000!), and founded AgileEvolution in 2006. She has helped companies like Cisco Systems, Martha Stewart Living, Primavera, DoubleClick, Google, Razorfish, MyPublisher, Washington Post and many others find their way to agility.

A self-proclaimed process nerd, she loves helping teams and organizations discover the Scrum/XP/Lean mash-ups that enables focused, flexible and fast delivery of products. She created the blog HelloScrum (coming soon!) to share knowledge, tips, and tricks with Scrum practitioners, and co-founded KnowAgile, an agile testing website. Continue reading

Pascal Mauray about “Poor Quality of Software”

In this post you will have a great chance to experience Pascal Mauray’s attitude and expertise in software poor quality. Take good note of it!

 About the author:

Pascal Mauray about Poor Quality of Software Pascal Mauray is an experienced actor in the Test Management, Business Analysis and Project Management. He participated in implementing large systems. While working as employee, he is now working in setting up and enhancing and facilitating nearshoring with development teams in North Africa in a project named KASAM.
You can contact him via:
Phone: +352691457999

Continue reading

7 Most Popular Web Based Time Tracking Software

7 Most Popular Web Based Time Tracking Software Using time tracking software gives a lot of advantages while working with dedicated development teams.

Track labour time

This kind of apps gives project manager a possibility to find out how long a developer has worked over a certain task. Here it is also possible to track time for vacations, sick leaves, overtimes and project’s accomplishment can be tracked.

Prevent time wasting

With time-trackers your employees won’t waste their labour time, because you will be able to track time spent to accomplish tasks.

It helps to manage time and productivity of employees. Without time tracking fulfilment of a task can take more time than actually the task needs.

So work efficiency with use of time trackers can be much bigger than without this apps. You are more likely to meet deadlines using time trackers than without them.

Reduce Cost

This software can help to reduce costs as time trackers can define what tasks take up the most of the time. So you can spend your budget on more efficient aims.

Value calculation for future projects

When the project is finished and you know its value you can calculate cost per similar future project. Continue reading

Elizabeth Harrin about “Poor Quality of Software”

We continue our posts that are covering software development challenges. In it Elizabeth Harrin – experienced project manager – pass an opinion about poor quality of software!

About the author:

Elizabeth Harrin about “Poor Quality of Software” Elizabeth Harrin is Director of The Otobos Group, a project communications consultancy, and the author of 3 books on project management. She writes the popular blog, A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.

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