Maarten Pors about “Poor Quality of Software”

We bring to your attention another opinion about avoiding poor quality of software. Maarten Pors is the third expert who agreed to share his experience on this challenge.

About the author:

Maarten Pors about “Poor Quality of Software” Maarten Pors is independent Project manager with vast experience in managing remote development teams in Eastern Europe (nearshoring).
You can directly contact him via:
twitter: @MaartenPors
phone: +31653786990

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Felix Rüssel about “Poor Quality of Software”

We continue to clear up the challenges concerning poor quality of software. And our second expert sharing his experience is Felix Rüssel.

About the author:

Felix Rüssel about Poor Quality of Software Felix Rüssel is an experienced consultant in Project Management, Agile/Lean, Agile Program Management and works as a contractor at large corporations in Germany. Remote teams are involved almost into all the projects and he is responsible for setting up processes and structures that allow these teams to deliver high-quality results. He is Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and the first German certified as Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SPC). He can be reached via his website ( or via his blog ( Continue reading

Michael Boyle about “Poor Quality of Software”

This post is the first in series where we will ask the experts about the challenges concerning poor quality of software. The first expert shedding the light on issues is
Michael Boyle!

About the expert:

Michael Boyle about Poor Quality of Software Michael Boyle is an internationally recognized expert in Project Management, Business Analysis, Solution Architecture, Portfolio Management and Business Process Modeling domains. 12 years of virtual teams mastery as a member and manager allowed him to establish his own company – Procurro Solutions.

It is dedicated in enabling their clients to transform their business through the deployment of the unique Project Management, Business Analysis, Software Development and Testing personnel.

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How to Avoid Poor Quality of Software?

While working with dedicated software development teams customers often get poor quality product at the output. All in all this software turns out to be unfit for both parties: it is difficult in use for end-users and maintain for software developers. Customers’ profits sustain great losses due to poor quality of software.  Here are the reasons why it matters:

Most of the potential users are not eager for using complex software, especially if it contains bugs. The complexity consists in some difficulty while implementing simple tasks, odd product behavior and its slow responses. As a result, the end-users prefer software of  your competitors. And poor quality of software, in its turn, causes significant gap in customers’ income. Continue reading