Pascal Mauray about “Poor Quality of Software”

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Pascal Mauray about Poor Quality of Software Pascal Mauray is an experienced actor in the Test Management, Business Analysis and Project Management. He participated in implementing large systems. While working as employee, he is now working in setting up and enhancing and facilitating nearshoring with development teams in North Africa in a project named KASAM.
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Phone: +352691457999

1) Why customers get poor-quality software while working with remote software development teams?

Pascal Mauray: Remote team is not the root cause of poor quality. Remote team adds more difficulty and complexity in establishing good communication, exchange and understanding between both customers and development team.
Lack of analysis on what business wants, assumption that what is requested is fool understood the same way by the team in charge of developing and delivering the product are reasons explaining more the poor quality received.

2) According to your experience, if you could distinguish three key reasons of poor software quality, what would they be?

Pascal Mauray: 1) The work preparing the gathering and work on the requirements is not sufficient and results in providing a situation where requirements are not elaborated enough.
2) The follow-up is not sufficient and there is a real gap between what is expressed by the business and what is specified for the developers.
3) What’s more, they are involved too late in the process and can not easily interact with the business and its representatives to refine and rework specifications is needed.

3) Could you give customers a practical piece of advice, what they should pay their attention to in order to avoid low software quality?

Pascal Mauray: Try to implement a kind of incremental implementation to validate after each iteration what is delivered in comparison to what was expected. This will allow actions for immediate correction.
For a more general point of view, provide an excellent analysis trying to convert requirements of the highest level of quality into specification for the team in charge of the development. This has to be done as soon as possible.
Put in place a team manger aware of the both cultures aspects. he should be able to manage a kind of iterative process to understand what the action to correct the approach of the the remote development team are and to validate the understanding of the remote team.

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