7 Most Popular Web Based Time Tracking Software

7 Most Popular Web Based Time Tracking Software Using time tracking software gives a lot of advantages while working with dedicated development teams.

Track labour time

This kind of apps gives project manager a possibility to find out how long a developer has worked over a certain task. Here it is also possible to track time for vacations, sick leaves, overtimes and project’s accomplishment can be tracked.

Prevent time wasting

With time-trackers your employees won’t waste their labour time, because you will be able to track time spent to accomplish tasks.

It helps to manage time and productivity of employees. Without time tracking fulfilment of a task can take more time than actually the task needs.

So work efficiency with use of time trackers can be much bigger than without this apps. You are more likely to meet deadlines using time trackers than without them.

Reduce Cost

This software can help to reduce costs as time trackers can define what tasks take up the most of the time. So you can spend your budget on more efficient aims.

Value calculation for future projects

When the project is finished and you know its value you can calculate cost per similar future project. Continue reading